Best Temporary tattoos that look real

What are some of the best tattoos for men?

According to research by Best Ink and Lightspeed Research, 41% of men have at least one tattoo on their bodies. This shows that lots of men now see getting a tattoo as an excellent way to improve their look and also display their personalities. We know that not everyone chooses to go straight into a permanent tattoo so that’s why we have chosen to share our review of the best temporary tattoos that look real. Another study by Statista Research Department has shown that people of different ages are inking their bodies, with those that are 30 to 49 years accounting for 45% of all tattoos. So, whether you are in your teenage years or an older gentleman in your 60s, getting a tattoo is awesome and thoughtful.

However, it is important for you to understand that there are tons of tattoo ideas for men. This often gives many men several challenges when deciding the types of tattoos to get. Whether you are looking for amazing forearm tattoos for men or nice leg tattoos for gents, this article will show you the best tattoos that look good on men.

What to consider before choosing tattoos

Foremost, you should know that tattoos can represent anything for you. It may just be a way to showcase what you truly love or something you want to remember for a long time. In some cases, it may have no special meaning. Nevertheless, whatever tattoos you decide to choose, it should be something that you can still look at in many years to come without regrets. You don’t want to be one of the 25% of tattooed individuals that regret their decision to get a particular tattoo. Choosing temporary tattoos that look real allows you to try and see what suits you. Therefore, ensure that whatever permanent tattoos you want to get now suits your tastes and personality.

Check out the following awesome tattoos ideas that you can consider when getting new forearm tattoos for men or tattoos on any other part of the body. Remember, it doesnt matter if you want permanent ink or a temporary tattoo that looks real.

Religious tattoos

Are you religious? Do you have a particular religious quote or symbol you would like to remember regularly? A religious quote can come in handy at this point. Crucifix, for example, can be a great way to keep in touch with the Christian faith. Other religions have their symbols too, so you can always find something that is suitable for your religion if you have one. A verse from a religious book can be astounding too. 

Since Statista Research Department has noted that 40% of all tattoos are found on the forearm, it is the most common body area for getting a tattoo. So, what are the best forearm tattoos for men? Cross tattoos stand out among others when placed on the forearm. What’s more, cross tattoos are versatile because they can symbolize different things to various people.

Tribal Tattoos

Masculinity is often seen as a representation of power and strength and these are the same qualities that tribal tattoos are known for. So, take advantage of timeless tribal tattoos to depict that you are strong, bold and powerful. Tribal tattoos are definitely some of the best arm and forearm tattoos for men.

Family tattoos

A gent can never deny his love for his family. Therefore, a family tattoo is a top choice when considering exceptional tattoo ideas for men. Fortunately, there is no end to how you can have your family tattoo. It can be a family tree, names or portraits of your loved ones, or a quote that says something about your family.

Animal tattoos

Animal tattoos can be used to pass across an array of messages depending on the animals that you have tattooed on the body. As a gentleman, go for an animal that symbolizes strength, power, loyalty, protection, freedom and so on. Lions, tigers, phoenixes, eagles, elephants, and dragons are some of the real and mythical animals you can have on your body.

Small tattoos

Inking yourself is beautiful, but there are times you may want to hide your tattoos or simply make them less noticeable. As studied by PEW Research Center some years ago, 72% of tattooed adult Americans agreed that their tattoos are often hidden. Big tattoos may make things hard for you if you want to hide them. So, if you think you’re ever going to be in such a situation, small tattoos around your neck, shoulder, forearm, leg or other areas are advisable.

Skull tattoos are quite common among men. This is perhaps due to its versatility as well as ambiguity. Also, you can choose to make your skull tattoo to be elaborate and bold or just keep it minimalistic and aesthetic.

In the olden days, men were involved in adventures and competitions, and arrows and other tools were invented for these activities. As a result of this, arrow tattoos convey masculinity and are fantastic choices for any gentleman. Arrow tattoos can come in a wide range of forms or designs to embellish different parts of your body.

With these tattoo ideas for men, you should have no problems with choosing a stylish, masculine and meaningful tattoo when next you want to ink your body.


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